The art of mosaic is a timeless tradition stretching back to ancient Greece and Rome, when artists using colored stones, brick, and ivory would arrange them to form images in architecture.

A mosaic can use literally thousands of fragments of the chosen medium to create the finished piece of art, and the decoupage creations of Trey Xavier's Mosaiaxe designs are no exception. Tiny squares of paper are cut and arranged by hand on the surface of the guitar (or medium of your choice) to form breathtaking, unique pictures, chosen by you, with a texture that cannot be replicated by ANY other means. The finished product is then sealed with a clear coat so your artwork will last for many years.

Sea creatures, landscapes, symbols, logos - anything you can imagine, brought to life on your instrument, jewelry box, iPhone case, or whatever you desire. Send Trey your ideas and he will work with you to make them a reality.

Commission a brand new, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Or, browse the gallery and pick out an original creation from the mind of the madman himself. The choice is yours.

To order something you see or to commission a custom work, please send an email to



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